- photo travelogues by Gernot Koller & Barbara Springinsfeld
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Glacier Bay II

Sea KayakValley Formed by GlaciersReid GlacierReid GlacierMountain Scenery in Afternoon Sun
Hugh Miller and Scidmore GlaciersBald EaglesBald EagleBald EagleScidmore Bay
Harbor SealSunset in Scidmore BaySunset in Scidmore BayPaddling among Humpback WhalesPaddling among Humpback Whales
Humpback Whale on Collision CourseBreaching Humpback WhaleBreaching Humpback WhaleBreaching Humpback WhaleIntertidal Snack
SeaweedSeaweed Haute CoutureCrossing the Main FjordBald Eagle on IcebergBald Eagle on Iceberg
Dressing upLand ExcursionSalmon SkeletonGrizzly DroppingsGrizzly's Footprint
StrawberryFire WeedIndian PaintbrushBlack OystercatcherBlack Oystercatcher
Sea UrchinCommon MusselsSea GullsWaiting for our Pick UpWaiting for our Pick Up
All material © Gernot Koller, Barbara Springinsfeld