- photo travelogues by Gernot Koller & Barbara Springinsfeld
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Glacier Bay I

Killer WhaleSchool of Killer WhalesSteller Sea LionsSpirit of AdventureCrossing Queen Inlet
Rainy LunchPaddling through the RainVisited by a GrizzlyStill Bad WeatherLamplugh Glacier
Advancing into Johns Hopkins InletReturning to Lamplugh GlacierLamplugh GlacierLamplugh GlacierBarbara in front of Lamplugh Glacier
Lamplugh GlacierCamping in Johns Hopkins Inlet Drift IceLamplugh Glacier TerminusLamplugh Glacier Terminus
Lamplugh Glacier TerminusGrand Pacific GlacierIcebergIcebergIceberg
Paddling through IcebergsSea gull on ice floeMargerie GlacierMargerie GlacierGrand Pacific Glacier
All material © Gernot Koller, Barbara Springinsfeld